Kamis, 28 Maret 2013

Work Together

Many people in my country still believe that technology and modernization cause the degradation of local culture. I think of something different. As a young artist who grow up in the middle of modernization and interact really often with technology, I see a big chance to make local culture remain exist using technology.

For me what is wrong is their mindsets and how they respond the modernization. Do not blame the technology. We are, as human, who have responsibilty to make technology and local culture work together to make a better world and a better life.

Imagine how someone use a laptop to write a blog about his/her country, about the culture, about the issues, about the problems, and from that simple action, he/she can attract attention from other people to care about what happened. Like a branches of a tree, from 1 people to another, making networks, telling the others, and it goes wider and wider.

This is just an example. A really simple one. There are still so many things we can do. I believe, we can make technology and local culture work together to make everything better. I've started to do it. What about you?

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